Founded in 2007, Healdsburg Beer Company is an independent and family owned brewery. We produce limited quantities of artisan cask ales using only the finest ingredients in laboriously attended to small lots. Seriously.

Annual production for the brewery is less than 1,000 gallons and we sweat the details on each pint. Our brewing philosophy is grounded in the idea of balance. We strive to create beer that balances the flavors that we find in the malt, hops and yeast and create a layered, nuanced and flavorful beer that is still an easy drinking and friendly pint.

Living in Sonoma County, it is difficult to think of any beverage without also thinking of food. Sonoma has an incredible food culture that includes some of the world’s finest artisan purveyors and restaurants. All of Healdsburg Beer Company’s beers are purposefully crafted to be friendly and complementary to a broad range of food.